Various types of casino game

The play ocean king 3 online are part of the many casino games available online. All casino games can easily be categorized in different ways. There is the main game category used traditionally in classifying them. It is possible to classify them according to the house edge size or the skill level involved.
The main casino game categories
Below are the top casino categories which are utilized in classifying the casino games. You have to remember that games can easily fall in more than one category. The fish slot machine game is a game that can fall anywhere.
Card games
It is a category for games that are played by the use of cards. The card games are also under the table game category because they happen to be played on tables. But some people tend to view card games as some unique games in their own right. The most common card games played in the casino include baccarat, blackjack, and Caribbean stud poker.
Table games
The play blackjack can be included in the table games. Table games are any games that are played on the table using the cards. The cards games are covered here in table games as they are played on the table. Other popular table games include craps and roulette.
Electronic games
It is a category that is outdated, representing, and games that are usually played on the machine instead of on the table. It is easy to argue that it applies to all online games. When it comes to offline games, it covers games like video poker and slots.
Lottery style games
Lottery games are not among the popular when playing casino games. They are purely based on luck and then involve no decision making with the most commonly found on casinos being the Keno.
Jackpot games
Whatever game that has a jackpot that has to be won is under this particular category; many video poker and slot games have several jackpots. Table games also have jackpots.