What are the ways to find an OEM cosmetics manufacturer?

If you are roaming around with no clues to find an skincare manufacturer singapore,you can try the following ways of finding one.
Online business directories
You could find all the information you want about the presence of business-to-business suppliers for cosmetic products through various online directories out there. For instance, you can end up with a list of directories by searching online directors for OEM manufacturers of cosmetics. Once you do that, you will find websites that contain contact details, services offered, discount information, and many more of these manufacturers out there. However, all the information available on these directories would be free.
Direct search
Although you could find thousands of suppliers and manufacturers on these directories, high-quality or proven companies would not get listed on these sites. These premium suppliers would have their company websites and social media handles. So, you would have to find such websites to get hold of them. For this, you should be picky with your keywords while searching for these companies. You can use related words like OEM cosmetics manufacturer, skincare suppliers, etc. You will get to land on any of the premium manufacturers easily with this method.
B2B events
At times, you would come across some B2B events where suppliers and manufacturers of all industries would gather and showcase their products and services to the entrepreneurs out there. So, you could try attending such an event to find a supplier or a manufacturer who would be the best choice for your cosmetics company. You could also get an idea of their charges for various services. It would be better to see with your eyes than believing the websites.
If someone has experience with a particular manufacturer and he advises you, you can get that advice.